• A Series in Soap
    Making Space and Room for Understanding

    Through our day to day interactions, items and places become endowed with psychological content. The sculptures in this current body of work explore tactile, emotional and conceptual experiences through materials, objects and space. Soap is used to physically relate to the human body creating a space both present and absent. The soap is part of us, a piece taken from the whole of our body and projected out into the world. This “projection” is the reconciliation between our internal beliefs and external stimuli.
    The soap lives along side us representing the inevitability of time to which we are all subjected. Soap is hygroscopic; it will retain or lose moisture depending on the level of humidity. Inhaling and exhaling the air, soap breathes. This causes it to shrink, curl and crack, aging into its space within or around the steel structure.
    The steel structures are developed from common items and represent the “reality” of the world around us. The steel creates a context for the soap that through tactile memory facilitates an abstract understanding. The minimal forms and materials create room within the work. The form becomes abstract, the room becomes absent and abstraction empties into a space for understanding.