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Everything in Between

There is a space within us that language closes, but I believe art can open it. I am interested in how language serves to separate things and organize them into opposition. Language reinforces distinctions, such as black and white, and therefore structures a way of thinking dependent on distinctions. I am not discrediting the necessity of language and classification. I am investigating its limitations, namely that it serves to limit meanings for the purpose of specification. It seems this specific limiting in turn limits our ability to understand. I believe there is more beyond the limits of language and to get there we must forget it.
What are the ways we can think and understand without words? Have we lost them? Language is only one half of the equation and I am interested in the space of its counterpart, a unity of things rather than a division of them. “The map is not the territory” and language is only ever an approximation of the thing. I hope these works serve to unify opposition and open a receptive space in the viewer, one of understanding without “understanding”.

How can knowing inhibit knowing and how can not knowing allow us to know?

From nothing comes something.

How does thinking outside of language differ from thinking through it?

White Oak, Stain, Acrylic paint
"Gray, White, Black"
White Oak, Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint
White Oak, Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint